No DJ and no ads?

Without radio announcers and without advertising?. We are a different radio in these two aspects, we want you to enjoy the best music without interruptions. Our listeners want to listen to varied music and that is what we offer them. Only varied music, without words and without advertising.

How can you hear us?

You can listen to us from our website and our official applications. We are also in the best radio directories and smart speakers with Alexa.

From which countries can I listen to 1ABC?

We are present in countries with music license agreements: UK, Europe, USA, Canada. We work to reach other countries. Licenses are covered by our streaming providers.

How can I listen from my car?

We are an online radio and cannot listen on FM or DAB +, at least for now. But you can use our app to listen with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

How can I help you?

If you listen to us, you are helping, but if you tell your friends, it will be great.

Can I comment and make suggestions?

We want to know your opinion about 1ABC because it helps us improve. We will consider your suggestions and apply them whenever possible.

A passion turned into an idea. An idea come true.

"I have an idea"

Luis Serrano García CEO of 1ABC

Luis has had many ideas throughout his professional career in radio and all have been related to music. Because for him radio and music have always been together. And 1ABC is the union of his two passions. As he says, what would radio be without music and music without radio?

Do you have a radio idea? Write to Luis

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We want to have you as a listener. You can listen to the best music of yesterday and today. Our musical selection is composed of great artists and unforgettable songs.

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Don't wait another second and start listening to us right now. Maybe the song of your life is playing and will not play again in a long time. We have more than 10,000 songs.

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  • High quality streaming with minimum data consumption.
  • What is playing?, We show the artist's name and song title.
  • Use the application to communicate with the studio.

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A network of partners from different places make this radio. Send us a message and we will give you our location.

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1ABC Radio Online London
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What Everyone Ought To Know About online radio

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  • our vission
  • our mission

Times change and the radio changes with them. Now the old FM formulas are not successful. Music has found its place in online radio as well as listeners.

Radio listeners of all ages use the internet. Radio stations opened their websites and began broadcasting online. Now we all listen to online radio and FM has been in the background. The online radio is heard at home, at work, in the car, we even carry it on our mobile phone. Online radio is the future and with 5G technology it will be much better.

We believe in the strength of online radio and see it as the future of communication.

Radio evolves over time, adapts to new technologies and always survives. When TV arrived, the radio survived. And now, with the advent of the Internet, the radio has been able to use the Internet for your benefit.

  1. Online radio is the present and the future.
  2. Young people listen to it, but also adults.
  3. It has adapted well to internet times.

We like radio and music. We want to offer the best musical selection of all time and styles.

There are many radio stations and with the advent of the internet many more have appeared. Highlight in this immense ocean is not easy, but our axiom is; Do it well and let it know.

We want you to enjoy listening, as much as we enjoy creating 1ABC. Our greatest satisfaction is yours. We don't pretend to be the best and we don't want prizes. We just look for your satisfaction and we accompany you every day with the best music of today and always.